Areas of work

Main areas of work of the Technical Universities in the second half of 2017 and
the period 2018-2020.

The areas of work are listed in accordance with the decisions and recommendations of the Congress of the Technical Universities Association on March 16, 2017.

The work on these areas is conducted continuously throughout the planned period.

The list of activities and events are open to proposals from universities — members of the Association. The proposals can be sent to the Association’s administration during the current year.


№№ п/п Areas of work Expected results

The Association is responsible for preparing and holding the meetings of the Council of the Association, as well as scientific and practical conferences on the topics:

— «Development of university technical education»,

— «Technical University in the implementation of regional scientific and technical policy»,

— «Cooperation of universities and the development of the single scientific, technological and educational space of the CIS member states»;

— It holds the meetings of its Council in the framework of the jubilee celebrations dedicated
to the 100th anniversary of Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University n.a. R.E. Alekseev
(as agreed).


Specific time limits and problems are pointed out when arranging the activities.

The Association provides information and analytical materials, proposals, decisions and recommendations, programs, organizational and technical support.



The Association interacts with legislative and executive authorities, public and state structures; provides information concerning the attitude of the university community to the fundamental issues of the development of engineering education.

The Council members, rectors of universities give their reports at the meetings of the Federation Council and the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, ministries and departments.




«The problems of a technical university in modern» conditions are analytically developed.

Materials reflecting the experience and achievements of the universities-members of the Association in educational, scientific, innovative areas are generalized.

We also deal with the prepublishing of the materials using the best practice of the universities of the Association, scientific and pedagogical schools of technical universities.


The Association carries out the work on the conceptual basis of university technical education and prepares information and analytical materials.


The Association formulates the proposals for the formation of an intersectoral project aimed at the development of the integration of education, science and production, with the wide participation of the universities of the Association to develop concrete practical measures that will provide new technologies with engineers, new scientific knowledge, educational competencies by interacting with state corporations, integrated structures, institutions and scientific centers of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Proposals are considered by the Council of the Association.


We hold annual interuniversity events aimed at developing the theme of the year in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States:

— activities on improving environmental education, culture, safety and protection, for example, a scientific and practical conference «2017 in Russia — Year of Ecology»;

— We take part in the events devoted to the Year of the Family announced in 2017 in the CIS.

University conferences are held, collections of articles on problems are published.


We collect the materials and articles reflecting the participation of universities, scientists, teachers and students in historical events of the past years, the contribution of the entire multinational Soviet people to the Great Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.


We take part in publishing activity.


The Association interacts with the interstate bodies of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Baltic States in the field of education and science and the promotion of interuniversity cooperation. The areas of work are:

— participation in the annual International Economic Forums of the CIS member states;

— development of cooperation with the Business Center for Economic Development of the CIS;

— participation in international programs «Tempus» and «Erasmus +», interaction with the Russian Tempus office;

— cooperation with universities of the CIS countries, international associations of higher education institutions of the CIS and Baltic countries, assistance to interuniversity cooperation.


Joint activities are held in the framework of cooperation agreements.


The Association is building a database of innovative university developments, topic-specific exhibition displays in order to present the developments in the exhibition space of the Russian Federation and the world, promote intellectual property markets and search for investments; we arrange virtual interuniversity exhibitions, create an intellectual property exchange.



The work of the Association’s website is organized, exhibition displays are arranged, catalogs, albums, posters are made.



We formulate the proposals for:

— increasing the commercialization of the results of intellectual activity of the universities of the Association;

— increasing the efficiency of the use of scientific equipment in the universities of the Association, the work is being carried out together with organizations of the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations, through distance communication as well;

— developing online learning in the universities of the Association.


Proposals are considered by the Council of the Association.


The Association interacts with public organizations in the sphere of education and science, associations of specialized universities, boards of rectors of federal districts, public associations of employers and other organizations: Association for Engineering Education of Russia, Association of Transport Universities of Russia, International Association of Civil Engineering Universities, The International and Russian Unions of Scientific and Engineering Public Associations, The International Academy of Engineering, the Russian Academy of Engineering, the Russian Engineering Union, the Association «Defense Enterprises Assistance League».



Joint plans and specific activities are coordinated and implemented within the framework of cooperation agreements.


We develop and support the activities of the regional branches of the Association, regional events enhancing the role of technical universities, their importance in solving the problems of regional development; support regional and university events, conferences, meetings, etc. on various problems of engineering education under the umbrella of the Technical Universities Association; deal with information and advertising activities.

We deal with the proposals of the regional branches of the Association in the federal districts established on the basis of the head universities of the Association, in accordance with the work plans of the departments; facilitate the organization and participation in events at various levels, provide information support.



The Association interacts with the Coordination Council in the field of education «Engineering, Technology and Technical Sciences» on the problems of content and structure of education, levels of training, standards of professional education; holds student Olympiads and forums under the guidance of the Association and Educational and Methodological Universities Associations for engineering and technical areas in the training of specialists.


Topical issues are considered, proposals for state bodies are formulated. Forums of the best students in different directions are organized and held.



We take part in meetings of government agencies on the issues of human resources in the sphere of high technologies, the defense industry complex, implementation of the defense specialists order; the Universities of the Association participate in state and federal target programs.

The Association prepares information materials for the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation and the Scientific and Technical Council of Russian Military-Industrial Complex; interacts with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Defense, other ministries and departments of the Russian Federation.


The Association supports and puts forward universities, scientists and teachers for the state, scientific and professional decorations, for awarding of honorary titles and academic distinctions; participates in jubilee events.


We write applications, letters of support.


The Association supports student movements and initiatives, research of young scientists, schoolchildren, participates in holding youth forums and conferences, encourages winners of Olimpiads, competitions in various areas of science, engineering and technology.

We deal with students strengthening the humanitarian component in the training of engineers, build a common culture and develop such personal qualities as civic maturity, patriotism, sense of responsibility, initiative.

We also generalize the experience of educational and organizational activities, forms and methods of interaction between technical universities and the secondary school in order to improve the education of students in physical and mathematical disciplines, help them in professional orientation.



We contribute to organization and participation in activities, give our expert evaluation of works, deal with letters, certificates of appreciation, prizes of the Association.

We hold conferences of youth and students, collect scientific articles on humanitarian education.


The Association supports socially-oriented activities in the field of training disabled using health-saving technologies and preventing drug use, provides psychological and pedagogical support of the educational process.



We interact with resource centers for training disabled people, take responsibility for publications, information and analytical materials.


There is a strong cooperation with the media, papers and journals (Higher Education in Russia, Vuzovskiy Vestnik (University Bulletin), etc.) on the problems of university technical education.


Articles, information materials for the media are prepared.


We inform technical universities, scientists and teachers and invite them to discuss drafts of normative and legal documents, conduct monitoring, analytical work on problems of engineering education and engineering, taking into account the plans of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and other federal and regional authorities.


We promote activities and build creative teams, summarize analytical materials.


We prepare and summarize information and analytical materials on the work of the Association and the universities — members on various issues followed by the publication of collected works.


We collect information materials.



Our work aims to improve organizational activity of the Technical Universities Association: directorate, structure and regional branches, interaction with universities; to build work teams on the activities and proposals of universities.


We are in charge of organizational and administrative documentation, work plans.



The Association keeps the database, maintains correspondence with universities, deals with the issues of membership in the Association, admission of new members; constantly supports and develops the Association’s website; conducts financial and economic activities relating to documentation, reporting.


We solve the problems concerning the composition of the Association, registration of membership certificates, booklets, work of the Association’s website, financial and economic documentation.




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